Using itineraMe

What is itineraMe?

itineraMe is a mobile app that you can download on iOS phones. You can create, share and track itineraries from the mobile app.

Home screen

How do I create an itineraMe account?

To create an itineraMe account from the app:
1. Download the itineraMe app for iOS from the App Store
2. Once the app is installed, tap the icon to open it
3. If you register with your email, input your email address and a password
4. You can also tap Log in with Facebook, Twitter and Google to sign up with your respective accounts. If you register in this way, you'll be prompted to log into your accounts if you're currently logged out.
Note: itineraMe differentiates users by using their emails. You will not be able to use the same email with different authentication methods (e.g. signing up with email first and then signing up with a Google account using the same email will not be possible).

Log in screen

Can I link users I have created with different authentication methods?

Each itineraMe user is associated with a unique email. For this reason, there is no linking feature in the app.

How can I delete or deactivate a user account?

At the moment itineraMe does not offer the possibility to delete or deactivate an account. If you don't intend to use itineraMe anymore, delete the app from your device.

How do I update profile information such as my password and email?

To update your profile information:
1. Go to your Account by tapping your name in the User screen
2. Tap Account, then Edit Account
3. Type in your new email or password, then tap Go in the keyboard to confirm the changes
4. In this screen and if you are logged in via email, you can change your picture either by picking one from your Album or by taking a new one with the phone camera

Account screen

Usernames are chosen at the sign up moment and can't be changed later.

Account screen

I received an email requesting to verify my email address, but I didn’t sign up for a new itineraMe account.

Most likely, someone tried to sign up for an itineraMe account using your email address by mistake. If you have no interest in having an itineraMe account, just disregard the email.

I can't sign up for an account because an account with my email address already exists.

If you signed up for itineraMe with your email address but you can't remember your password, you can reset your password by tapping 'Forgot your Password?'
If you've typed your email address correctly and see a message that an account with your email address already exists, most likely the same email address has been used in another itineraMe account using a different authentication method.
Keep in mind that an email address can only be associated with one itineraMe account and when logging into an existing account you must use the specific authentication method associated with that account.

What details about me are shown in my profile?

Your profile shows your username, email and picture (if you have uploaded one).

Tell me more about the User screen

User screen

The User screen is divided in three parts.

The first part shows your picture and username. By tapping into the Account button just below this section you will access to a different menu where several options are available:
1. Profile: here you can see your username, email and password (see above)
2. Purchases: all pre-made itineraries you have previously bought via the Ideas screen are listed here. You cannot delete or share an itinerary that has been purchased
3. Friends: other itineraMe users you are connected with are listed here. You can add friends by tapping in to the + button and input the itineraMe ID of the user you want to add. You can share itineraries and activities with other users
4. Preferences: described below
5. Invite: you can send an email to your contacts to let them know about the app
6. Legal: Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy can be accessed here
7. About: Version and Build are visible here for your reference
8. Sign Out: tap here to sign out from itineraMe.

Tap user screen

The second section in the User screen includes all your data saved while using the app:
My Travels shows the itineraries that have been tracked and already concluded or those still in progress (more on this below). For each travel you can see the related travel log you have created while traveling.
Each travel can be either in the Ongoing or Ended status, depending respectively on whether you are currently traveling along the tracked itinerary or have concluded the travel. In case tracking one itinerary is temporarily paused (see below) the status of the Travel will be shown as Paused. You can delete any travel by swiping left.

My Travels screen

My Itineraries includes all the itineraries you have saved. You can either load an itinerary to check it again from here. When you load an itinerary from this screen, itineraMe will not offer all functionalities provided when you saved it. More in particular, in the Itinerary screen, you won't be able to add or delete locations. Also, in the Daily schedule, you won't be able to delete, swap or change the sequence of the activities. From the My Itineraries screen you can start tracking an itinerary (see below). You can share any itinerary to your itineraMe friends by swiping right, while you can delete any itinerary by swiping left. If a saved itinerary is tracked, it is be moved to the section 'My Travels'. Only itineraries shared in this way will be described as Shared under their names.

My Itineraries screen

My Activities shows all the activities you have saved. itineraMe does not save any reference of the itinerary from which the activities have been saved.

My Activities screen

The third part allows you to access this Help and contact us in case yuo have either a question or a specific request or you are experiencing anything unusual while using itineraMe. You can also send Feedbacks about the app under this section.

What is the Tracking Mode?

You will be able to track your progress along an itinerary while traveling. itineraMe will use your location to understand which activity you are currently carrying out and will allow you to update your Travel Log accordingly.
While on Tracking Mode, itineraMe is designed to bring you automatically to the Itinerary screen upon launch so to facilitate you in checking the progress along the itinerary you are tracking.
While on Tracking Mode, you will be able to add notes and photos in the Travel Log.

Tracking screen

When traveling, you can only track one itinerary at a time. If you are creating a new itinerary or load one via the Ideas screen while in tracking mode, the itinerary you are tracking will be paused. You can restart tracking your itinerary by tapping on the circle showing the status of the itinerary (Restart). The same itinerary is also shown under the My Travels section, and will appear as Paused also in this screen. If you share an itinerary with other itineraMe users, they won't be able to track the itinerary.

Paused screen

How do I create a new itinerary?

The Create screen is the place where all the inputs related to your intended trip are collected. itineraMe is asking for the following data (starting from the top):
Type of Travel: you can pick among nine different categories. All categories can be seen by scrolling towards right. Each category can be further defined by sub-categories via tapping on one of the nine icons. You can also tap on the list icon at the very right to see all the sub-categories.
Destination: in this field you can type either a location (city or area) or an entire country as a destination of the intended trip. By tapping on the marker on the left of the field you can define your current location as destination instead of typing a specific location or country. Also, you can decide whether to include the place you input or not. In case you decide not to include the place in your itinerary, such place will be considered as a transit location and no activities will be allocated to it.
Departure: in this field you can type either a location (city or area) or an entire country as a departure of the intended trip. Similarly to the Destination field, by tapping on the marker to the left of the field you can start from your current location instead of typing a specific location or country. You can also decide whether to include in the itinerary the place you input or not. In case you decide not to include the place in your itinerary, such place will be considered as a transit location and no activities will be allocated to it.
Days: here you define the length of your itinerary, measured in Days. A maximum of 10 days are allowed to create a new itinerary each time. itineraMe considers Days as resources. You will need to have enough Days for creating a new itinerary. You can add Days to your account by buying more in the Store (see below).
Season: you must specify in which season you would like to travel by tapping on this icon.
Mode of Travel: you can pick among One Way, Round Trip and Stay. If you pick Stay, itineraMe will only need your Destination. If you pick Round Trip the return trip between the destination and departure will be allocated depending upon what you have defined in your Preferences.
After providing all inputs, you can tap on the itineraMe button and let itineraMe creating your itinery.

Create screen

How do I navigate through the resulting itinerary?

Once itineraMe finds the itinerary that best fits you, the result will be presented in the Itinerary screen. Starting from the top of the screen, you will find the following parts:
Name of the itinerary: the default name is the [departure] – [destination]. You can change the name by tapping on the text and typing the name of your choice. Note that in case you want to save this itinerary you can only do so if no other itinerary was previously saved with the same name. If you have loaded a featured itinerary, you will see the name of the itinerary here. You cannot change the name of featured itineraries.
Daily schedules: depending upon the number of days you have selected when creating the itinerary, the same number of bubbles will be rendered here. Tapping on any bubble will open the respective daily schedule for that day (see below).
Locations: the locations section shows the locations included in the itinerary.
Map: this section plots all the locations of the itinerary on the map. If you are creating a new itinerary, you can edit the locations in your itinerary here. You can delete locations by tapping the '-'' symbol on the left of the location name. By tapping the '+' symbol on the left of the location name, you can add alternative locations to your itinerary. Every time you add or delete a location from your itinerary, itineraMe will recalibrate your itinerary and may use Days from your account. A message will always notify you before proceeding. You can't delete neither the Departure nor the Destination locations.

Reverse screen

Functionalities: the screen provides the following functionalities:
1. Save: the heart icon allows you to save the itinerary to get access to it later. All saved itineraries are visible under the 'My Itineraries' section within the User screen. If an itinerary has been saved, the heart icon is filled.
2. Share: if you have saved an itineray, you can share it on Pinterest, Twitter and via email. You will need to allow access to your Pinterest or Twitter account if you didn't do so before.
3. Reverse: Round Trip itineraries can be reversed by tapping on this icon. Every time you reverse an itinerary, itineraMe will swap the destination with the departure and will use Days from your account. A message will always notify you before proceeding.
The screen slightly changes depending on the number of locations present in the itinerary. If the itinerary has only one location (for example when in Stay mode) then it will look like the following:

One location screen

Otherwise, if the itinerary has multiple locations, it will be similar to the following:

Multiple locations screen

In this case you can delete a location by swiping left:

Delete location

If there are enough days available in the itinerary, you will be able to add locations by swiping right. In case there are not enough free days in your itienrary, you will be requested to delete one of the existing locations to make room for the one you want to add. When adding a location a new screen will pop up showing the locations available. You will be able to pick the new location by swiping left in the next screen. A map will also show where the alternative locations are located. Please note that the Days in the itinerary will be reset as itineraMe will need to recalculate your itienrary given the change you have just made:

SwapLocation1 screen SwapLocation2 screen SwapLocation3 screen SwapLocation4 screen

If you tap on one of the Day bubbles in the Daily schedule section, you will move to the daily schedule. Similarly to the Itinerary screen, this is made by two sections: Schedule and Map.
Schedule: this section presents the list of activities that make up the itinerary on that day. If you tap on the Type of Activity on the left side of each cell, itineraMe will show you the best route to reach this activity from the previous one. Either the Apple Map or the Google Map application (if installed) will be opened depending upon what you have selected in your Preferences. When tapping on the activity name, you will be brought to the Activity screen (see below). You can delete an activity by swiping left. You can change the sequence of the activities by dragging an activity to the slot you want.
You can't add activities but only swap existing activities with similar ones by swiping to the right. Similarly to the locations, a new screen will pop up showing this time the acivities available for that specific time slot of the day in that location. You can filter the available activities by type by tapping on the filter button at the top of the screen. You will be able to pick the new activity by swiping left in the next screen. A map will also show where the alternative activities are located:

SwapActivity1 screen SwapActivity2 screen SwapActivity3 screen SwapActivity4 screen

In case the resulting itinerary contains activities with long durations (such as important Landmarks) you may see few results as a consequence. In such cases the symbol '+' will appear on the top right corner of the screen. By tapping on it, you will be able to add activities to that specific day. Activities will be added to the least utilized moment of the day. You will be able to change this by swapping activities as explained above.
Map: the section presents the sequence of the activities on the map. By tapping on each activity, you will be able to learn the name of the activity and move forward to the Activity screen.

Schedule map screen

If an activity can be booked, you will also see a different button nearby the Swap button. Tapping on it will change the status of this activity as 'booked'.

Booking screen

If you are in Tracking Mode, the activities already reached along the itinerary will be highlighted, both in the Schedule and in the Map screens. For example, in the Schedule screen:

Schedule tracking screen

Once you tap on an activity in either the Itinerary screen or the Daily schedule, the Activity screen will open. The screen is divided in two sections:
Info: this section shows the basic information related to the activity, such as its name.
Map: this section presents the location of the activity on the map. You are able to see your location on the map in case you are close to the location of the activity.
Functionalities: functionalities change depending upon whether you are on Tracking mode or not. In Non-Tracking mode, you can access the following functionalities:
1. Save: the heart image allows you to save the activity that can be retrieved later in 'My Activities' section within the User screen. Once an activity is saved, the heart icon will be filled.
2. Share: the share image allows you to share the activity on Pinterest, Twitter and via email. You will need to allow access to your Pinterest or Twitter account if you didn't do so before.
3. Further info: when tapping the 3-dots image, three highlights about the activity will be shown.
If an activity can be booked, a button will be shown in the bottom of the screen. By tapping on it, you will be redirected to one of our partners' site to completed the booking.

Activity screen

If you are in Tracking mode, the Activity screen works as the reference screen to show you the progress along the itinerary you are tracking. Every time you are approaching the next scheduled activity, the Activity screen opens up showing the activity you have just reached. In this scenario, the following functionalities are provided:
1. Save: same as in Non-Tracking mode.
2. Further info: same as in Non-Tracking mode.
3a. Share: this button will be present if you did not check-in this activity yet. The behavior is the same as in Non-Tracking mode.
3b. Check-in: this button appears if this activity is the upcoming in the itinerary. This button will also appear if the manual Check-in mode was selected in your Preferences (see below). By tapping on it, you can manually check-in the activity.
3c. Diary: this button appears only if you checked-in an activity (either manually or automatically). By tapping on it, you can start either recording into your Travel Log or sharing the progress along your itinerary on Pinterest and Twitter. In either case, you can choose between adding a Note about the activity or a Photo you take at the activity site. After taking a picture, you will be able to edit it with a few filters:

Filter screen

itineraMe will record your Note or Photo with your location and will present them in the Travel Log. The Travel Log will be accessible in the 'My Travels' section under the User screen (see above). If enough entries have been made during your trip, itineraMe will prepare a Summary and a Travel Story for you (see more below).

Name of the location: the location of the activity is shown on top of the screen. By tapping on it, the Location screen opens. In this screen basic information on the location are shown.

Location screen

The Location screen opens when you tap on the name of the location on top of the screen. It provides you with location information and guide:
Info: this section offers basic facts about the location and the reasons it has been included in the itinerary
Guide: the section will provide information on:
1. How to get there: list of all the means of transportation that can be used to reach the location.
2. When to go: temperature ranges and average rain levels for each season.
3. Health Index: health score on a 0 to 5 scale, 5 being the healthiest.
4. Safety Index: safety score on a 0 to 5 scale, 5 being the safest.
In both screens, two buttons will be shown in the bottom of the screen, one to book flights to this location, and one to book hotels. By tapping on eitehr of them, you will be redirected to one of our partners' site to completed the booking.

Location info screen

How do I buy days?

The Store screen allows you to buy Days though Apple InApp Purchase. Consider Days as the resources necessary to create new itineraries and buy pre-made itineraries shown via the Ideas screen. You can either buy single Days or several Days at a time. The more Days you buy, the cheaper they are on a unit basis.
For your reference itineraMe shows examples of itineraries you could buy with the number of Days shown in each product package or in the circle at the top of the screen.

Store screen

How can I buy itineraries shown via the Ideas screen?

itineraMe comes with several pre-made itineraries. The Ideas screen shows primarily featured activities to inspire your travel. Tapping on activities included in pre-made itineraries will open a screen describing the itinerary where the activity is included.
In this screen you can read a basic description of the itinerary as well as seeing the Departure and Destination points on the map.
When you tap on the 3-dots button, itineraMe will present further information about the itinerary such as the number of days, the type of itinerary, the travel season, and so on. Pre-made itineraries can be featured as well depending upon a combination of the types of itineraries you have created in the past and the settings in the Preferences screen. When a pre-made itinerary is feastured, a star icon will appear. If a pre-made itinerary is not featured a cart icon will instead appear. In general, pre-made itineraries can be purchased directly by tapping on the cart icon. When the star icon is present you can also load the itinerary in the Itinerary screen (see above).
Not all activities are shown in featured itineraries (see above). If you would like to see the entire itinerary, you can tap on any of the hidden activities showing the Buy Itinerary text and buy the itinerary. You will be charged the amount of Days corresponding to the duration of the itinerary.

Ideas screen

Tell me more about the Travel Stories

itineraMe is meant to accompany you through your journey from the moment you start planning until when you completed your travel. Stories are what itineraMe uses to summarizes all your memories recorded during your journey. If you have recorded at least 5 Photos and 5 Notes, itineraMe will be able to prepare your Travel Story (and Summary). All Travel Stories can be visible in the Stories section of this website. On top of filtering by travel Category, you can search by Location and itineraMe Username. You can't delete a Story after it is created.

Managing Your Account

How do I log out of itineraMe?

You can log out from the itineraMe app by going to your account under the User screen (see above) and tap on Sign Out.

Where are my account Preferences?

To get to your account Preferences, tap into your name and then tap Preferences. From there, you can:
1. Prioritize the means of transportation for your itineraries
2. Set your travel pace, i,e. fast vs. slow
3. Pick the type of Map application (Apple vs. Google) you will use to check your itinerary and the route to reach the activities in the itinerary (see above)
4. Decide if in your round trip travels you prefer to set the return at the beginning rather than at the end of your itinerary
5. Decide if when in Tracking mode you will check-in manually when arriving at a new activity site or will let itineraMe to automatically check you in.
6. Decide how big the area to search for the nearby activities should be.

Preferences screen Transportation screen

When does itineraMe send push notifications to my device?

During the first launch, itineraMe will ask you to allow push notifactions. This is required to let itineraMe notify you when an activity within your itinerary has been reached while on Tracking mode and when your check-ins are set up to occur in Automatic mode. You can always adjust your push notifications from your iPhone's Settings.

How do I turn location services on or off for my iPhone??

During the first launch, itineraMe will ask you to share your location with the app. This is required to let itineraMe provide you with the closest location when creating a new itinerary as well as to determine if the next activity in the itinerary you are tracking has been reached. To turn location services on or off:
1. Leave the itineraMe app and go to your iPhone's Settings
2. Tap Privacy, then Location Services
3. Scroll down and tap itineraMe
4. Decide to allow location access to Never or While Using the App or Always.

Note: if location access is revoked, a number of functionalities within the itineraMe app will not be available, specifically the Tracking options that allow you to record your travels and associated Travel Logs. This may impact your overall experience.

How does itineraMe use my location information?

If you have allowed itineraMe to access your location, this information is used either while you’re using the app or always. When you are not in Tracking mode itineraMe uses your location while you are using the app to provide you with the most convenient route to reach the next activity or to show your location on the map relative to a specific activity. When you are in Tracking mode, itineraMe always uses your location in order to provide you with the progress in the itinerary you are tracking.
Keep in mind that you can turn off location permissions for itineraMe at any time as described above.


What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you can't remember your password, you can reset it using your email address.
To reset your password, first open the itineraMe app. On the Welcome screen, tap Forgot your Password? From there enter your email address, then tap Send.
If you're not able to reset your password using your email address, you may be able to get additional help by contacting us.

What can I do if I receive a password reset email but still can't log in?

The links in the password reset emails are time sensitive. If you have received an email but still aren't able to log in, try sending yourself a password reset email again with the method described above.
If you're copying the reset link or your new password, make sure you aren't including any extra spaces before pasting it into your browser or the login fields.

What can I do if I've lost access to the email I signed up with?

If you lost access to the email address you used to sign up for itineraMe, you can change the email address associated with your account.
If you've used either your Facebook or Twitter or Google account to sign up, you can reset your password using these authentication methods.
If you can't log into itineraMe because you forgot your password and can't access the email address you used to sign up, please get in touch with your email service provider to get access to that email.

I think my itineraMe account has been hacked.

If you're still able to log into your itineraMe account:
If you think your account has been hacked and you're still able to log in, change your password or send yourself a password reset email
If you're not able to log into your itineraMe account, contact us.

What if something is not working?

If you're experiencing a problem that isn't covered in our Known Issues section below, please follow these troubleshooting steps. Keep in mind that you should always make sure you're running the latest version of the itineraMe app as well as the latest version of your phone's operating system before following these steps.
Force quitting itineraMe: Always try force quitting the app first if you're having trouble with itineraMe.
Restart your phone: If you still encounter problems, try restarting your phone.
Check your internet connection: If restarting your device doesn't help, please try using itineraMe both on Wi-Fi and on your mobile data connection to see if the problem is due to a weak Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
Uninstall and reinstall: If restarting your device and checking your connection doesn't help, try deleting and reinstalling ItineraMe.

Note: in the event that itineraMe is deleted from your phone all the data saved under the My Travels section will be lost and we won't be able to help you to recover them. Only the Stories related to your Travles will be still visible online.

If these steps didn't resolve your problem, report the bug by contacting us so we can investigate.

I'm Getting an Error Message

You may encounter scenarios in which Error Messages appear. Each message explains the issue and provides choices on how to proceed. Please follow the suggested option, always shown in bolded text.

Known Issues

itineraMe is crashing when I try to create a new itinerary.

If itineraMe is crashing when you try creating a new itinerary, it could be because of memory issues on your phone. For example, if you have apps running in the background, they could be using up a lot of your phone's memory and causing itineraMe to crash. Try turning off your phone and turning it on again to reset its memory.
If itineraMe is still crashing after you restart your phone, you can report the issue to us. Please make sure to provide as much detail as possible, including your phone, operating system version, itineraMe version and when the crashes occur.

itineraMe freezes while creating a new itinerary.

In general, the speed of itineraMe in finding the best itinerary highly depends on the network strenght. If you're using itineraMe and you get stuck while creating a new itinerary, please try force quitting the app.

App Store says itineraMe is installed but it isn't on my phone.

If you're trying to update or re-install itineraMe and you can't tap the App Store Install button or it's grayed out, try connecting your phone to your computer and syncing your apps via iTunes. If these troubleshooting steps don't help, please get in touch with Apple support.

itineraMe takes up too much space on my phone.

In general, the more you use an app, the more space the app takes up on your phone. If you use itineraMe very often, it'll likely take up more space on your phone than apps you don't use as often. However, your phone automatically resets the storage space an app uses every week, so you don't need to worry about storage for any app becoming gradually larger over time. If you want to manually decrease the amount of space itineraMe takes up, do not delete and reinstall the app since all the data saved under the My Travels section will be lost.
You can find out how much space itineraMe takes up on your phone by opening the Settings and tapping General, then Usage. You can find itineraMe in the Storage section.

The itineraMe update is stuck on Installing on my phone.

If you're trying to install or update itineraMe and the app is stuck on Installing, first try turning your phone off and then back on. After you restart your phone, try installing the itineraMe app again. Some people have reported that syncing their phone with iTunes and reinstalling itineraMe from iTunes helped in this process. If these troubleshooting steps don't help, please contact Apple support.

My phone isn't supported.

itineraMe are supported on iOS 9.0.0 and later. If you're not running this version of iOS or later, you will not be able to run itineraMe in your phone. You can find your iOS version by opening your Settings and then tapping General, then About.

I can't share posts to Pinterest or Twitter

Some phones may have connection problems with Pinterest and Twitter. Keep in mind that the Pinterest, Twitter and login process through itineraMe are controlled by Pinterest and Twitter respectively. If you're having troubles logging into Pinterest or Twitter when trying to share your itineraMe posts or Travel Logs entries, it's possible that Pinterest or Twitter are having temporary issues. Try to log in again into Pinterest or Twietter after a few hours.

I'm not receiving notifications even after I've turned them on.

If you turned on push notifications in the itineraMe app but aren't receiving them, you may need to adjust your phone's settings.
Open your iPhone's settings app, scroll down and tap Notifications. Tap itineraMe, then turn on the setting to Allow Notifications.